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1 Deng Ya Ping response to defeat the light of the 2 billion rumors: Justice in the hearts of people

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Sports Weekly reporter Li Shaozhou reported in germany. In October, the third camp Beckenbauer forum held in Austria resort Keats Bigel, the world famous sports personalities gathered together to discuss prospects for the development of the world sports industry, sports industry has become one of the Chinese theme of this forum. Former table tennis star Deng Ya Ping was invited to attend the camp of the current forum, Beckenbauer.

at the invitation of Beckenbauer, Deng Ya Ping attended the camp of this year’s forum, and delivered a speech on the forum as a guest of the Chinese guests on behalf of the. "Beckenbauer is very kind and friendly. It’s a bit like Samaranch. They’re very charismatic." The two sides met Freemasonry, Beckenbauer left a good impression on Deng Ya Ping.

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Deng Ya Ping responded defeat 2 billion rumors: fair and comfortable people

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2 heavy! WeChat released WeChat life white paper

WeChat recently released the WeChat life white paper. WeChat has fully connected social, shopping, reading, sports, travel and entertainment scene. Behind the massive users, is a huge amount of data of precipitation. Let’s take a look at what interesting data the white paper reveals.

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3 Baidu sued Sogou input unfair competition in the first instance won a compensation of $500 thousand

October 27th news, Beijing Haidian court recently announced the case before the official micro-blog: user input text search engine Baidu Sogou input method, click on the search of candidate words into Sogou search page, Baidu Sogou sued on the grounds of unfair competition, Haidian court verdict Sogou input method to stop unfair competitive behavior, to eliminate the effects of compensation for the loss of 500 thousand yuan.

after the court held that Sogou companies and Baidu Inc are operating search business, the two have a competitive relationship. In 360, YAHOO search and search environment, Sogou input method did not show the search candidate, and to explain the company failed to Sogou Baidu search, to take targeted difference discrimination, unfair competition. < >

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