Dropbox data leaked SkyDrive mailbox security account nearly 69 million affected you

use of cloud disk service users should pay attention to, don’t upload sensitive information, personal secret information to SkyDrive.


source: Vision China

September 1st, the United States cloud storage service provider Dropbox to confirm to the outside world, in 2012, the discovery and disclosure of a data breach incident is more serious than previously expected, it is estimated that nearly 69 million accounts affected.

Dropbox said last week it has reset the password for all affected users, these are mainly in the middle of 2012 before the registration of Dropbox, and has never changed the password of the user.

Dropbox trust and security chief Patrick Heim (Patrick Heim) · then said in a statement: "this is not a new information security accident. There is no evidence that the Dropbox user account is improperly accessed. We can confirm that the password reset last week was able to protect all affected users. Even if the password is cracked, the password cannot be used to access the Dropbox account after the reset."

but the 360 defense laboratory responsible Lin Wei to reporters the incident at the interface of evaluation, the biggest problem is that the leak Dropbox had learned of the situation, but did not inform the user and remind the user to change the password.

Be responsible for

360 defense laboratory 360 Butian vulnerability response platform is the largest vulnerability response platform, according to the data of the platform in April this year revealed that in 2015, the platform received 43499 holes, a total of 1410 vulnerabilities may be caused by the leakage of personal information, personal information disclosure may discharge up to 5 billion 530 million.

previously, 360 Internet Security Center released the 2015 Internet security report shows that the year 2015 by scanning 360 website security testing platform of the 2 million 312 thousand sites, 43.9% vulnerabilities, 12.3% high-risk vulnerabilities.

In fact,

and LinkedIn are eBay after the foreign data leakage accident, domestic NetEase have traced suspected leakage of billions of dollars of mail data, these accidents are to reset the password as a means of coping.

"we have domestic vulnerabilities, there are also small SkyDrive platform by hackers drag library, because SkyDrive store more information by hackers is also normal. But Dropbox such a large platform in the process of handling the problem is questionable." Lin Wei said.

however, on the other hand, although the Dropbox as a large platform security factor is high, but in the data breach incident Internet Co is often difficult to grasp in the end how much data has been leaked. Instead, simply reset the password for the account that is known to be risky, without resetting the other password to the user

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