K signs blocked the site of the 5 factors

you are the elite of SEO how to optimize this topic website already not fresh, not the depth of the content I want to toss about back you can back down, then I’m not here and I’m here to display slight skill before an expert, today is all about the site was K before the portent and remedial measures for reference.

we first summarize the 5 main factors of the site is K

1, the site title must be consistent with the content of

note: your website is mainly " young girl pictures, " and you is the title of the old lady, the old man, the title recognition when the search engine robots for you in capturing content found serious title and content is not consistent with the final result may give you included suspected of cheating.

2, optimize keyword density must be moderate

note: such as the content of your site is " the beauty of youth girl pictures " you want to select a search and matching rate is the highest and the content on your site vocabulary for your keywords, do not accumulate keywords for example: beautiful girls, beautiful, innocent girl, sexy beauty, gourmet beauty style, young woman, escort girls, bar girls and so on, that you’re wrong naive low.

3, try to stay away from the site alliance link factory

note: on this topic I think I don’t say much as we all know, why a PR of more than 2 stations with you exchange links you don’t agree? Because his station has been search engine blocked, if you talk to him if the link is likely your station has also been implicated in a sense if your link over a factory transfer station like size as long as one or more stations out of the consequences of your.

just as can be imagined

4, the stability of the site is clearance

note: the website hosting the quality of your key, the absolute real-time tracking of the updated search engine to search engines such as XX at 17:59 in the afternoon began to update your site investigation, but this time your site is closed due to other reasons, the investigation for the robot default web site does not exist, such as 2-3 hours after again on your website to update your site investigation, or in a closed state, it is also the default for the site does not exist, the consequences are very clear.

5, to maintain the site’s initial basic framework prototype

note: this topic I must use the most simple metaphor, such as: your original website frame structure using mathematics to describe what is " 1+1+1+1=4" a title 1 representative sites within the framework here and call the link, it is not difficult to see the site within you is a layout a website consisting of 4 titles with the framework calls the 4 link of the whole, when your station has been included in the search engine, its internal structure has been found.

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