Packaged listed on the agenda Donkey mother will introduce fourth round of investment

Cao Cao

in the ownership is still fermenting when, in the ticket business and return (and the same way) busy playing donkey mother was successful in introducing strategic investors.

July 15th, twenty-first Century economic news reporter learned from sources close to the mother of the donkey, the donkey mother will introduce new strategic investors, and will be announced in detail. At the same time, the early mother Hong Qinghua founder of the planned listing plan will also be put on the agenda.

fourth round of financing

twenty-first Century economic news reporter learned from the above sources, the donkey mother introduced strategic investors and will sell about 20% of its equity.

previously, there is news that the new listed companies UTour (002707.SZ) will become the mother of the 20% equity owners. Coincidentally, the 6 day 27 UTour released "on notice" planning a major reorganization of the suspension, the suspension is still in the stage of UTS tourism. But this rumor was denied by the above sources.

at present, where to go, Alibaba, are considered to be potential strategic investment donkey mother.

public information, donkey mother had been introduced, including Sequoia Capital, CDH venture, including a number of well-known VCs 3 round of investment. However, the 3 round of investment is also going back to 2011.

September 2009, donkey mother to get A round of tens of millions of yuan financing, investment for the bridge fund dauge capital; in December 2010 the donkey mother announced B round of financing billion yuan, the investment side of Sequoia Capital and CDH venture; September 16, 2011, donkey mother foreign high-profile announcement was Jiangnan capital and Sequoia capital, the overall amount of this round of venture capital more than second rounds of financing scale billion yuan.

donkey mother chairman Hong Qinghua said at the time, the financing will be mainly used in three areas: branch business development, the introduction of high-end talent, technology and equipment updates.

it is worth noting that, although not yet announced the news of the introduction of strategic investors, but the donkey mother has recently moved frequently. The first is on the website on-line sale will channel to accelerate the layout of travel market, recently announced that the Tibet tourism and achieve cooperation.

but this time the introduction of the fourth round of the mother of donkey investment, perhaps also by competitors Ctrip and the same way the company’s huge pressure.

previously, in the ticket business market, with the way network is the main rival donkey mother. After Ctrip shares in the same way, the pressure increased sharply under the donkey mother in the industry. At the same time, two-way also spared no expense to expand business.

power network CEO Wei Changren pointed out: "the purpose of financing, the most important thing is to need operation, and ensure the further expansion of leisure tourism business. Only to maintain and Ctrip, the same process of investment, in order to remain competitive and is expected to expand

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