Don’t talk about Wei Zexi search for disease information away from all search engines


51, Wei Zexi died because of synovial sarcoma and Baidu medical promotion are misleading, is undoubtedly the most hot topic.

latest news:

National Network letter office in conjunction with the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the national health and Family Planning Commission set up a joint investigation team stationed in Baidu Inc, the incident and the Internet companies in accordance with the law to investigate and handle the matter according to law

so, the incident itself, waiting for regulators to investigate and deal with. As a kind of investment from the media here, I just want to talk about a closely related investment closely issues: how to get reliable information, the problem of whether investment or to query information on diseases, is essential.

first is the conclusion, as the title says: if you need to know about a disease information, please stay away from all the ordinary web search engine, including but not limited to Baidu, Google or Bing, to professional academic literature database.

content search engine reliability of congenitally deficient

search engine, is undoubtedly a great invention of the Internet era, so that we can find the information from an isolated site.

if you understand the principle of the search engine will know, it will be based on some quantitative data to determine which data is presented as a priority search results to you, and these data mainly include keyword density, domain name, chain etc..

yes, such a mechanism, itself is quantitative uncertainty, so there will be a variety of algorithms for SEO search engine optimization cheating methods. Honestly, the general content of this kind of algorithm query, no problem, but when it comes to serious problems, such as disease, legal issues, the search engine is not quantitative qualitative issues will be highlighted, because they are very difficult to determine which page than other pages in the academic and more reliable.

search engine algorithm like this, not to mention the money can be ranked in front of the promotion link.

academic journal peer review is king

as far as I am concerned, I will give priority to the professional academic literature database when searching for serious problems such as medicine and law.

professional academic literature database, in fact, is the academic journals of various disciplines of electronic, an increase of the search, the literature network, reference retrieval and other advanced functions of a professional database.

is the professional academic literature database is the core of Academic Periodicals — although academic journals China tricky too many, but generally only research institutions such as universities graduate students and researchers have written and published peer-reviewed academic journals also need to review, so the quality is guaranteed, especially the core journals of higher quality.

obviously, from the point of view of the source, an academic journal is better than anyone else

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