Summary of the experience of classification information network

recently classified 1 categories of information networks, some of which operate, it is worth to share with you.

1, everywhere left to leave the figure

site must collect a number of local at least 10 sites can publish information, can be a forum, can be classified information network, the portal can also leave a message. Early to these networks to promote the dissemination of information, after all, they are seniors, accumulated a number of customers. But the post not too explicit. At the same time, do not feel that posting can not put down the price, are the site, with what I go to his network of information, can break through this, but also a successful social side. In a word down, to your opponent the post.

2, with the media breeding case

every city has a hot, each city constant topic; so classified information network should take some hot spots, making a number of good public welfare for people not against the posters on the streets, to the post, not only to establish the image, also played a propaganda role, and help the people. Can be described as 3. Recently, Jingdezhen information 0798114 on the use of propaganda to donate blood, a good publicity.

3, publicity and public wiring around

since the site has been built, it is necessary to maximize the people around you know. So it’s necessary to print some promotional cards. The main printed on the site’s service content or the main column, so that people around you know what your site to do if you are on the other side of the network to send someone else’s information, that is, you do the shame of classified information network. Yes, it’s a shame, it’s not a big deal. Print a number of small gifts, printed on top of the slogan, in your side to create a small center of influence, from the center out.


entertainment strategy game siege

in every city in the country have local games, such as city tour, can play on the inside of the general is 25 years old to 50 years old, will be online, native authentic, ideal propaganda object. To these local games, each game room is enough to send a slogan. Round, good results. Because the target group.

summary of the above 4 points, the classification of information network is still worth digging, as long as willing to lay down the body down to do, will do. This article from the love you love I love life are, please indicate.

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