On the phone test driver’s license Mobile Aceable driving seed round of 4 million 700 thousand fina

Your license

memory, there is no theoretical examination of the pro forma process that is too boring, the topic is too boring? Wait until the test may be far away to go to test for test. This process, do you want to change?

The United States

startup Aceable is trying to change this tedious boring test theory, test process. Aceable is a state approved course service driving school students, students can do homework and test driving whenever and wherever possible, you only need to download the mobile phone application or on its website, the course price from $25 to $100.


at present, Aceable main courses or driving training (Drivers Ed) and defensive driving course (Defensive Driving). Aceable launched 5 hours defensive driving courses covering the contents of the provisions of the United States in 12 states, Aceable also asked experts to optimize the editorial content of the course, so that it is more attractive than the previous curriculum.

is now in the two states only because Aceable has been approved by the Texas and Florida education authorities. In fact, Aceable wants to expand the business to every state in the United States, but it is not so easy to get state approval documents.


recently, Aceable successfully received a $4 million 700 thousand seed round of financing, the financing led by Silverton Partners investment, with the cast of Floodgate Ventures, NextGen Angels and Capital Factory. In 2013, Aceable raised $1 million 100 thousand in funding.

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