Youth at the box office over 500 million to see how the sale of social networking detonated

a few days ago, the youth of the investment side of the light media Wang Changtian revealed on micro-blog, to the youth of the box office has more than 500 million. For a production cost of only sixty million, in addition to the director Zhao Wei is a star, the other lead almost all new circumstances, "Youth" has completed a "grass root counterattack".


in the counter attack of the show, the social network has played a crucial role. Zhao Wei in particular rely on contacts and star V in the circle back off a strong "Youth" surge in Sina micro-blog, "Miss quickly quickly detonated topic of youth". And now micro-blog has become a barometer of the film at the box office, netizen enthusiasm pulled the box office, creating a run for 12 days at the box office exceeded 520 million success.

if the movie "33 days" in micro-blog’s success belongs to is "into the stone way", then "Youth" is planned on the social network marketing is double.

"to youth" is how to detonate social network?

first, the choice of time points

finished the counter attack a few films, whether it is "33 days", "Thai" or "embarrassed," youth in schedule selection effort. "33 days" was selected in November 11th, "embarrassed" Thailand chose December 12th, and the "Youth" was selected in April 26th, are not in the traditional sense of "Valentine’s Day", "summer", "new year" hot schedule. To do so, on the one hand is to avoid the big production of the film, more importantly, with the combination of hot spots, with the user’s mood fit. "33 days" is a combination of the hot topic of singles, and "Youth" is to graduate from college, miss the youth this hot topic. This time period before and after May, as college graduation season, the University of love, miss the youth topic was very hot, the very topic of "Youth" on the market at this stage, just like in the dry forest put a kindling, the stars can fire. It is not so much that Zhao Wei made a film about youth, rather than at this time node, the user needs such a film to miss youth. Friends watching movies, will think of their youth time, watching movies, talking about the film became an important spiritual consumption of this time node. So, at this time, the film itself may be good or bad is not important, it is important that the film has been incorporated into the mood of users.

a noteworthy phenomenon is that there is a social trend of the film, the film becomes more and more social, real-time. In the future, will certainly create a cater to users emotions "social movie"’s day when watching a romance movie, mother’s day to watch a movie about a mother, graduation season watching a movie "Miss youth". At this time, the film’s appeal in the market is not only reflected in the art of the film itself

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