Don’t take that thing what is the feeling of good business projects

tiger sniffing note: This is a dark horse capital partner Jin Haitao share in the interior, the current capital of the dark horse partner of Jin Haitao, responsible for dark horse camp, dark horse and the project will be a dark horse investment and financing docking. Specializes in business model combing, talent and resources docking, service over the rapid growth of TMT projects. He talked mostly about the following questions: what is the investment, what is the nature of the investment in 2016? What are the Internet outlet? And the impact of entrepreneurial companies valuation system change, the original length is longer, the tiger sniffing was cut. Please read the full version of the black horse financial WeChat ID:heima_jinrong

a lot of people want to know what investors think? What is the equity investment? I want to use four words to explain "what is the nature of the investment, equity investment is to invest in a sustained, stable and rapid growth, the scale of enterprises, such enterprises showed a steep growth curve (of course, mature be gentle). When we look at any BP, we’ll see if you can figure out what’s going on.

we talk about the tuyere, is always changing. There will be time when entrepreneurs understand air: when just up trend, especially keen entrepreneurs will go into, when so-called "outlet", the industry has no chance, of course, can not stop a lot of people will come in.

why are some big companies not sexy because they don’t make market value management

the development of the Internet has gone through so many stages:

The first stage of

is a technology driven, then called "technology innovation";

is the product of the second phase of the drive, we all talk about the ultimate product experience, the product is not extreme;

product is almost the third stage: operation driven. We are the same product, it depends on how the operation.

but if everyone is doing well, how can I win? Only by managing the future, managing the company’s market value, you can make the company have more valuation space. So that the company has a higher valuation, more resources to be able to stand out from your company. For example, Google has been cast in artificial intelligence, robotics, unmanned, the driving factors of Google investment, but it is a geek characters outside the company, and the role of market value management. So many cool elements, so that investors feel that the company will have a future, like Baidu think O2O interesting to go out to take out.

2016 investment circle is the most used words to return to the nature of business". The essence of business is the company’s financial model is not healthy. We believe that a firm’s right valuation = financial model × concept management.


people often find some traditional enterprises earn tens of millions, but I don’t think it is what attraction, because it is the concept of management is poor, the growth curve is very slow, we do not.

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