On the 8 penalties for violations and complaints Taobao customer adjustment proposal

Ali mother yesterday afternoon in January 26, 2015, a customer service call asked me 6 questions, mainly around the punishment and complaints of the process of investigation, the webmaster 28 gave them the 8 suggestions;


1, be punished after the reminder: in addition to the mail should notify the mobile phone messages have popups, if want, artificial phone call for the best, I just want you to humanity.

2, a rectification period: the punishment of warning before, let the rectification within the period specified in the notice, such as not to do the rectification point penalty is not late.

3, the official rules are too official: many webmasters simply do not understand, I hope to be able to say easy to understand, or few people will go to see.

4, Ali mother current forum too light too negative energy content is not Tucao complaint and complaint, apparently platform problems, is the need to reflect on their own, and the titular forum moderator is not to consider the forum with exchange routes up to the active health or whether new and old station Taobao? S long, saw no passion, fear more, the hearts will inevitably be scared.

5, whether successful appeal consideration is not released, there will be a great score screenshot convincing? Inform the alleged violations of the webmaster how to submit the complaint is more likely to succeed, there could be a demonstration of a successful appeal to owners as a reference


6, corresponding to a comprehensive examination of violation points: quantization is not to reference the main site rectification speed, attitude and the severity of the incident to decide how many points and frozen


, 7 points should not freeze the Commission: why at the same time to freeze all the points Commission, whether we can take lightly measures, such as increasing the technical service fee several points, to achieve the punishment, many webmaster by Ali mother for dinner, after deducting all epigenetic alive have pressure, like last July 281 like, told the website tort, the Commission has tens of thousands of block settlement, punishment is the corresponding rules, but the rules are dead, our webmaster is alive.

8, a Taobao customer forum sub Forum: illegal complaint communication and guidance of the plate, can let don’t know why the illegal Taobao guest has a communication platform, Ali Mama official customer service can give advice to a rectification process rather than a copy of the rule name and link back to the past a get throught a thing carelessly, the sub sector, believe that many customers do Taobao Adsense will ease a lot, it is very important that 28.

28 received the phone is not very surprised, may be selected from last year has been the Taobao customer complaint violations of the call in about 20 minutes, the customer service summary understanding ability is very good, 28 also think that Ali mother is when should pay more attention to the tough Taobao guest, do not let everyone feel more and more far away from the platform, like Baidu and the webmaster > increasingly

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