Local portal website ten years of sword can carry O2O beam

oriental culture is unique, each Chinese people, have a heart of love home. No matter where we are, always want to return to, no matter how far we have to go home to see. Everyone’s hometown, always with others is not the same, but still happy and beautiful and serene.

and the Internet industry in China, there is such a large number of special groups: personal webmaster. But it has been neglected, the talent shows itself is not much, is the Internet tide annihilation. This group seems to remain in the last century, for example: most websites are still doing portal, there is a BBS, even, still the old information classification, lock, dredge sewer, looking for work, the sale of second-hand, can from these sites to find.

local portal webmaster, still carrying on century Internet popular tide banner, there seems to be no new concept, no prominent events, capital investment in this area is scanty, the country may have one hundred thousand personal webmaster, and the local portal or BBS get the capital site, only a digit.


why so persistent? In the chance of success so slim, and what kind of power to support them? More than and 10 years old webmaster, had better now? The future of BBS is now with the mobile Internet trend contrary? In the face of mobile Internet, O2O, big data, they are ready the


in June 15th, in the Yangzhou lake, a group from the grassroots, but in each city all-powerful webmaster CEO who gathered in Yangzhou, Guangling on the road to a small range, the Internet business sector shows a region of the Internet is not the same world.

This small

party, a total of about 30 has come to the site CEO, general manager and executive, is old station provincial, city and county areas, such as Xiamen, Hefei, Taizhou small net forum, Jiangxi, Thailand boring Baowang Changzhou long lane, Huizhou West Lake River, Hangzhou Xiasha. There are just to get financing music. From the point of view of the number of users, according to the statistics, the number of users of these 30 stations, more than 20 million, on average to each site, perhaps only 700 thousand users.

blood group is the most down to earth in the Internet

from the macro perspective, the domestic Internet users base 538 million, 20 million users, perhaps a bit not worth mentioning, but if from the microscopic point of view, it is a remarkable figure, such as the scene has a very old forum, now is still a BBS, called the Danyang wing, Danyang is a county-level city, belonging to Zhenjiang City, according to the relevant data show that in Danyang the total population of about 800 thousand people, as a county of floating population is not much, Danyang wing network has more than 200 thousand registered users who, more than 15 thousand of the daily post. In other words, will not be removed from the Internet a little older elders and children, this forum, almost affect >

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