Game media network Top30 domain names have a domain name god horse domain name

online is nowadays the most extensive coverage of the leisure age, major domestic online game platform website domain name diversification, blossom everywhere, recently Chinese Association of game Committee Organization of the 2011 Annual Chinese online game industry survey "China ten game game player selection" (the end of selection time until December 11, 2011), here is a look at these 211 finalists. China ten game media sites which have

domain name?


figure: TOP30 list

digital domain name won the title

digital domain name has always occupied a very important position in the country, the game media website, digital domain name application is not missing it. In the media website TOP30 on the list, the digital domain name website with more than 340 thousand votes ranked first, which shows the domain name in the game, digital media website weight is very high. don’t be taken off the N years ago.

also on the list, there are several other applications such as digital domain, by more than 80 thousand votes to the digital domain name website ranking list fourth, three digital domain name this site was ranked thirteenth, site in the twenty-fifth list. TOP30 list, the use of digital domain names accounted for four.

2 Pinyin domain name a seat

Pinyin domain name in the domestic domain field is a major application of main elements in the game media website, domain name can also be used in the digital domain, compared to 4 places, it is less in the phonetic domain, only 2 places on the list TOP30. By more than 160 thousand votes at the top second, play the game network, website domain name system Pinyin m, a lot of play, multiplayer games, the application of on game website is very good. In addition, a series of Pinyin rice love game network, the site in the list of eighteenth.

11 of the top two domain names share up to

game media, when the number of large enterprises under the open game channel most market, at TOP30 on the list, the number of two level domain in the form of gaming platform most, 30 places in the two level domain accounted for 11, before the top three, Tencent game channel finalists, ranked third, ranked seventh department of game channel, saying that this year china.comf domain but also in the industry concerned, the game channel two level domain name still receive a lot of traffic.

and the same as the Tencent started the same portal Sina, its online game channel also shortlisted, ranking tenth. Portal >

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