UUcall responsible person explained for the first time we won’t stop taking money run away


UUCall, known as the first brand of telephone network, at the beginning of the October accident shut down

October 12th morning news, UUCall official said Mr. Wang yesterday accepted an exclusive interview with the Tencent of science and technology, resulting in UUCall to stop taking the real cause is not domain name dispute, but due to a conflict with state policies. This is also the first person on behalf of the UUCall large-scale outage event statement.

UUCall is one of the most well-known domestic telephone network, through the software, users can dial global mobile phone, computer any landline, lowest rates of only 0.06 yuan / minute, and zero monthly, no global roaming. October 7th, UUCall suddenly announced the suspension, resulting in its 30 million registered users affected. After several days, a large number of UUCall users in the Baidu skyline, Post Bar posted protest sites such as brush, UUCall operator of Hangzhou Heng excellent explanation. Tencent technology linked to the person in charge of Mr. Wang UUCall, this sudden large-scale stop service event also opened a mysterious veil.

UUCALL stop service is not due to domain name dispute

Wang is the owner of the UUCall software as well as the official website of UUCall.Com. 2004, Wang and the team developed a UUCall software, after 5 years of painstaking efforts, UUCall has quietly become the largest user of domestic Internet telephony brand. October 7th, UUCall domain name analysis was accidentally interrupted, UUCall service also stopped. The face of a large number of user queries, customer service staff explained: because the company in the domain name dispute, resulting in UUCall can not operate normally.

actually, Mr. Wang himself was not clear why the outbreak of such a big accident. At first, the interpretation of the domain name dispute is based on the preliminary judgment of technical personnel. But the company finally get the exact information is: the relevant departments of the state requires UUCall temporarily stop taking." October 11th at 2 in the afternoon, Mr. Wang said to Tencent science and technology.

in an interview, UUCall stop service has lasted five days, the famous network phone brand still no signs of any recovery operations. Mr. Wang said, UUCall has been in coordination with the relevant departments, in order to restore normal service as soon as possible. Mr. Wang also said that the domestic Internet phone industry had had a similar outage event. The UUCall stop service, the government is expected to be the starting point for industry norms." It is understood that the rise of Internet telephony business in 2005. At that time, the Ministry of information industry has issued a document to restrict the entry of private capital into the domestic telephone network operations. The introduction of this policy, consider more is the protection of the interests of traditional telecom operators as well as the quality of VoIP calls and communications information security concerns. However, with the number of Internet users breakthrough

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