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at this moment, Alibaba eleven shopping carnival is in progress, and the data is being refreshed over and over again.

0 when the total turnover of 3 yuan, a total of more than $1 billion, accounting for the proportion of the turnover of the wireless terminal, the same period last year, this time is 6 minutes and 7 seconds (58% seconds). Millet ranked first mobile phone category.

0 when the score of 3 billion, reaching $8; 0:14, more than 5 billion yuan.

0:38, the total turnover exceeded 10 billion yuan turnover accounted for more than 45.5% in the same period last year, this figure was $20%.

1 o’clock, the total turnover has reached 12 billion 200 million yuan.


data can be seen from the Alibaba, with the arrival of the double eleven, the major electricity providers are in the most tragic competition.

including Tmall, Jingdong, said the United States, Amazon, including the mainstream business platform will double eleven as the impact of sales this year, the most important battle. The parties in the double eleven during the following layout:

Alibaba flagship big data

since this year is the first dual Alibaba in the United States after the listing of eleven, compared with previous years, Alibaba this year to reflect the special importance of the double eleven. Ali revealed to us that the data are: this year, Tmall division invested a total of nearly 2000 employees, the Group invested a total of more than 11000 employees. Tmall plus a total of nearly one million customer service force, rookie 14 logistics courier partners in a total of 1 million 250 thousand couriers involved.

in addition to the huge investment in human resources, based on the analysis of large data, is one of the highlights of this year’s flagship Alibaba. The company will be an important platform to the company according to the background of big data analysis suggested the main goods during the double eleven, currently has a household electrical appliance enterprises TCL, apparel company A21 Ali got in big data help, and adjusted in eleven during the double main products according to the actual situation.

Jingdong push all the chips

financial Jingdong this year as one of the main business, has not been idle in the double eleven period.

Jingdong finance in the joint launch of the dual eleven and ocean real estate, $11 to raise the room of the real estate activities to raise public 89% off. November 11th zero to 23:59. Ocean Real Estate out of the country’s 9 largest cities, including Beijing, including the 11 suites. Jingdong financial "money" or "white" users can extract eligible 11 yuan can participate in the purchase of 89% off.

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