2008 Taobao combined with Ali mother the promotion of new methods

Ali mother for a long time, but in the personal website to understand the level of contact, perhaps with the mom pre promotion strategy, mainly for promotion in the scope of individual owners, but with ALI internal business integration, mutual penetration of Ali mother and taobao.com, makes the bird concern the development of the network operators are beginning to find, Ali mother has gradually become a propaganda network.

for a long time, open shop in taobao.com network, promotional channels over a single Taobao community promotional article (writing skills required, the ads also may be titles), do the train advertising (the price is high, not suitable for novice sellers), with silver community buy advertising (advertising location is not good with silver it is very difficult to get), then word-of-mouth marketing.

is a single channel promotion makes a lot of technical experience is not rich, not much experience in network novice sellers, not accumulated enough shop management experience, carry out the business is very difficult, according to incomplete statistics, now China operations experts authoritative website to shop shop: "there are about 50% novice sellers it is difficult to achieve the purpose of profit, more than 80% novice sellers will have different degree promotion difficult problem".

with Ali mother after half a year of accumulation, accumulated a number of personal websites enough, such a polymer formed advertising mode, it shows its unique market value: "the use of blue ocean strategy, the use of ocean platform, promotion of ocean users".

using blue ocean platform

Through a large number of

on the accumulation of small sites, has extensive resources of personal site in the area occupied, now hundreds of thousands of personal website to join the number, now makes a large number of users in different channels can see ads ads, and such a situation, is the use of small sites such as past neglected publicity channels.

In fact,

potential consumers personal website visitors is also true because the liquidity and randomness of the Internet audience, the influence of large-scale publishers it is difficult for the audience, and the viewer on the advertising of neglect, which makes the linear effect of advertising portal down.


Ali Mama advertising strategy is a combination of a large number of widely publicized low traffic websites, one can advertise in a wide range of information to more visitors, the second point is that we repeat, regardless of whether the repeat repeat is reasonable, but the effect of melatonin on advertising strategy it is especially important.

promote blue ocean users

network is a typical taobao.com ocean user: not too much experience and operational resources, without too much cost of advertising and publicity channels, strong business demand and economic living consciousness.

open shop, in fact, is engaged in e-commerce, e-commerce and network marketing is the focus of network promotion, network promotion, the formation of a number of factions: search >

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