All use marketing mom no longer have to worry about you not sales

, refers to the idea, strategy, application of fraud. Especially in modern society, the total love heart machine to describe some bitch, more derogatory. However, we are going to talk about today, scheming, when used in marketing efforts, perhaps answered an unexpected harvest.

In fact,

marketing scheming everywhere, just some you may not pay attention to. Unlike other marketing and marketing efforts, there are so many restrictions and fetters, this kind of marketing only Eq.

just before a network drama "Princess promotion", "$two hundred million" Mi months pass by and neither have Tucao too horrible to look at, star IP, there is no pre hype, a thankless task in this era of marketing, the hardcore through the drama is fire, but unusually hot.

and marketing team are all in boy, the first time to collect group ideas, according to the preferences of the audience meticulously, constantly adjust strategy and execution, imperceptibly a game actually fine game! Later, the crew marketing staff said, "slot points are ambush good, rhythmically thrown out, see everyone wants to talk about".

they are careful planning, continuous feedback suggestions, to make the next step to promote the promotion strategy. Fans are still free in micro-blog, B station platform for text, pictures, video communication, all kinds of funny forced GIF screen, users hand-painted map plot everywhere, so this drama gradually into the public view.


not only that, even the king of Jay Chou "the joy when the topic of father, can be out of business a hype, visible Jay Chou high, but more people admire is, these businesses are rapidly turn brain! Many completely detached products have been involved, such as:

Volkswagen Beetle: Congratulations Jay Chou male god! Zhou Zhou to listen to the words of my father played the Beatles yo ~ "picture" concept, the cart car, with a "listen" notes. In fact, let the entertainment marketing brand more youth, with the banana yellow color, make people feel warm.


HP: this map there are two "scheming bitch" elements: first of all, @ Jay Chou fans, directional communication, enhance brand entertainment attitude; thirdly, font made "Ding Ding routine", adorable dada font, full of happy children. For the children of Jay Chou, high cold HP played careful machine, also really fight.


pm on August 14th, the NetEase to the rich "Westward Journey" Mobile Games in Guangzhou Meizhou railway building, a total payment of one hundred thousand yuan for subsidies. "You leave me", the "Westward Journey" to the Mobile Games in overtime and work pressure of the workplace provides an opportunity to leave through the form of subsidies. In a ditch full of air way of saying the majority of people in the workplace.


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