New station within two hours to search engine included

is my personal a little experience. Well if I use this station on the.. test results, I do stand in May 1st. Now I stand every day for 240IP/ days.

your site to do a good job to improve the site, and then spent 1 hours of publicity to seduce the spider, to seduce GG, seduce SOSO, now say how I quickly included experience to tell you.

1 go to the Sina blog to reply to a few new out of the article. Take the link with their own Sina blog, with a name don’t reply, do not know when the content of said top, oh what add link back to leave, 5 is enough, and I go back to a after one or two hours, check the reverse link check to a standing reverse link.

to the end of 2 replies, posting, with links to their own links with two or so, reply 5 articles with a link, here, Baidu will update soon. Reply to a few minutes included this article, of course Baidu see your new sites included also the root of your station.

3 to Baidu, Sina blog published articles, with links.

4 to the QQ forum published articles with links, so SOSO soon included your station.

said so much is my experience, oh, good to learn about it, do not learn bad. By the way, the site and add a few original articles, this is conducive to the collection.

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