Whether the network marketing should focus on your things

this article writing inspiration: "yesterday at noon, at the time of the network marketing college in the vicinity of the lucky time dining room, listen to the table 2 business ladies to discuss, a dialogue of cooperation".

conversation time less than half of my personal dinner time, the final two people work together. Maybe this is a brief conversation between them cooperation negotiations! So less than half of incense to time to talk about a deal, the business also seems too good to do? Could it be, the lady bargaining ability is very strong but don’t look like?.

I can’t tell them about the specific issues of cooperation, do not remember what they were talking about, only vaguely heard a few words let me think. First of all, I use my own ability to judge, to introduce the two ladies:

in a seemingly "casual" speak clearly, speak confidently of middle-aged women, should be the enterprise senior management leadership. From her, I saw a girl who can have ambition (this sentence there is no gender discrimination means), intelligent woman. That good communication skills, coping ability and executive ability, can I admire. Pay attention to the following, detailed proof.

and another in a simple, yet fashionable young woman, listen to the talk, talk to their attitude and tone, very like a white-collar business promotion, she gave me the feeling, two people talk she was begging, now is very passive, from her body and I can’t see a bit of confidence.

today I just want to go to a Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables, so go to the right, just to see the teacher Li Xingang sitting at the table is enjoying a delicious lunch, he paid no attention to me from him. After the Li Xingang teacher took the initiative to say hello, choose next to it, a person will not seat your laptop bag down, and then go to the front for a Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables. While waiting, and chat with the teacher Li Xingang, to be finished, he hurried away.

I continue to wait patiently for me too hungry because Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables, perhaps, felt at that table, I sat for a long time…… At this point, just the next table, the arrival of the 2 ladies, because I was hungry, anxious to wait for the idea. Inadvertently, I heard their negotiations, let me for a Lenovo Feifei dialogue. Proposition network marketing, the scope of the feeling is too large, some unrealistic.

select a conversation the leading lady, I used her tone on specific, I do not remember, the distance at noon yesterday has been nearly 12 hours, the brain and memory in the period of recession, some said I can only briefly, with personal understanding: "she has to go to a business and talk about cooperation, the enterprise see a near perfect plan for her, she read the plan, but turned away. When the business representatives asked the reason, she told him that the plan is not a little bit of the enterprise’s own things, pure copy of other people’s contract samples, the terms of the content."

seems very bold, very business minded women.

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