He Tao several ideas of personal brand promotion

in the Internet to mix some days, also began to come into contact with a lot of friends on the network, had thought that if one day you also can "fame" one day someone mention he Tao can think of me, can bring to me, then at least I can prove that no white mix on the Internet and because there are so many friends in my attention.

since 2010-06-01 formally established Ningbo SEO this blog, slowly let me feel for your personal blog ranking is not so important, the reason why the construction of blog is because you want to record your thoughts, you want your work to let more people see your concern, share your ideas with others, I think this is what we do the real purpose of the blog, if a long time, but also increased a lot of visitors, your personal brand is slowly built up.

saying yes, I would like to ask you why you have not thought about Mou Changqing, Jiang Likun, Wang, who only map some successful people why to the Internet brings a big influence, and has done almost known to every family. Let’s dig together where they belong, where we can imitate.

network ID

because it is for their own brand, I think the most important step should be honest. I have said that our network blog may be our reality in the name card, then a call on the name card and I think we should not put him into a "Martian" to replace it, because this is the first step to communicate with others, let others to accept our. It is recommended to do a personal brand can be considered a friend, all the ID on your network, including our QQ net using your own name.

of course, this contains a lot of content, we also send the same article in the forum. We use the picture which will affect our first impression, this is the first point, a point, it is very important to use your real name, real information to your visitors.

open column, Wikipedia class

it is not difficult to find, you can go to DoNews or some or a lot of iResearch relatively well-known websites, we can see the famous figure, but their form is in the form of a column. Because as iResearch website itself will have a lot of visitors, so if your head, your name can be related in the home or personal columns which have added this to me, you are a very in the propaganda effect.

Baidu encyclopedia, for this I have done a survey, especially for those relatively to the network is not very understanding of friends, in the Baidu Encyclopedia has its own information or business information, this is undoubtedly to our own "right" this also is a good port. Try to edit the Encyclopedia of your name, give yourself an authoritative name.

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