All the people in the era of marketing marketing is to serve the user with practicality


315, received an article sent to a girl, "brown sugar content theme is not really the only brown sugar, brown sugar, a certain brand" postscript: to identify, whether the woman is soft, my back: "soft, 100%."

then, he suddenly shocked: why not hesitate to position it as a "soft"? In eyeful is knowledge of Internet marketing in the US, "marketing" recognition is growing up, this is not indicative of "down marketing influence"




is taken into account for their own individual, Enron is on the "marketing" recognition slightly fear, a "silly" and happy in a way seems to be proportional to the two look "marketing" of its own, in a "marketing event just concluded that the nature of" at the same time, but also the achievements of the negative habits of their own. But as it is, we do not, "I" had to go "still water runs deep" route, in the knowledge of marketing on the basis of the driving pleasure.

as a member of the society, the sensitivity of "marketing" at mass increasing, businesses in the marketing, always pay attention to timely follow-up and update, as the identity of Internet practitioners began to consciously open, to want to talk about the marketing environment.

big data to help marketing widely popular

The emergence of

big data, the Internet will not see the visualization of the market, but also for the operation of the business to provide a stronger platform for control, greatly reducing the difficulty of small and medium platform marketing.

can not do without the content of marketing

good to survive, like a dream always attached to the lower base construction, and the basic survival often connected with the "marketing" liquidity, so there will be a good marketing content and cannot bear to part from each other.

Wang Feng to marry Zhang Ziyi, finally to headline event is Durex who do, do full minute marketing; science and technology from the media platform, the first step in the reform of the realization of "always open content marketing"; 315 party happiness and sorrow, is a mistake correction, one is for my XX, XX the phenomenon will not have 315 fault……

The timing of

transient, there must be marketing in the end.

from media marketing cluster


on some large V figures are really cattle, the superstructure and the lower ground based club, will be prominent advertising interspersed in the interesting reading, not only do not lead to the audience, but attracted more sniff at "good" and communication.

Internet era, has always been a meritocracy in.

The future of

effective marketing: equal emphasis on service, utility and communication

"everywhere" marketing in the future will still insist on the principle of Jianfengchazhen, facing increasing >

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