WeChat electricity supplier model how you choose

many companies are very concerned about how to do e-commerce on WeChat WeChat as a channel, rather than an e-commerce platform, so on the top of the e-commerce model can have many kinds. Most people don’t know. I hope this article can help you today.

currently on WeChat e-commerce: WeChat shop, pat micro shop, Jingdong micro shop, micro life, micro shopping, micro mall, micro businesses, micro payments, micro buy, two domain name grafting WeChat, micro shop.

WeChat store

to talk about WeChat shop, Tencent launched a public platform based on WeChat to create the original ecological electricity supplier model. If you say that before the WeChat public platform is blank room, and now micro shop out, which is equivalent to the water and electricity, but still blank room. Micro shop is the most basic commodity management and presentation capabilities, businesses are not required to complete the transaction closed loop. If you want to send coupons, management related data, and third party ERP synchronization, these industries and the close combination of things still need to do the work of the third party service providers.

Jingdong micro shop

said Jingdong micro shop, pat micro shop is the predecessor of Jingdong micro shop. Divided into two modes, one is the platform model, there is a public platform WeChat account model. The former is like Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong merchants use customers, not their own business customers. The latter is the business of Jingdong page link to the WeChat public platform account, the customer through the WeChat public platform account into the store, which is the business of their own customers, not Jingdong customers. Two models complement each other, platforms and channels do not conflict. But in the Jingdong cost micro shop has a slightly higher margin, platform service fee, transaction deduction etc..

micro living

micro life, can be referred to Tencent micro life membership card, is the official electronic membership card Tencent, focusing on food and beverage, entertainment and shopping malls have been using the membership card business. Can also be said to be a business model, it can be said that the service platform. Involved in the life of things, can be called micro life. For example, WeChat public platform third party service providers to do the platform, to the life of the business for the use of the membership card under the line, you can call the micro life. There is also a form of people from the media to run a WeChat public platform account, also develop the life service background, then merchants settled, to show in the public account, this is a business model that can be called Twitter Life.

micro shopping

micro shopping, you can refer to Tencent micro shopping, which is based on the overall mobile Tencent platform provider solutions. Previously owned by Tencent electricity supplier team, and later incorporated into the WeChat team. Positioning in the O2O integrated shopping platform. Can also refer to WeChat shopping behavior. Can be used in the third party platform WeChat public platform development, such as micro mall, micro shopping mall WeChat.

micro merchant

micro merchants, that can be >

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