n the nternet age how to better support their reading


in the past, how do people earn money to feed themselves?

often uses the indirect method of making money".


study, and then test, get a diploma, to find a job through the diploma, in this system, then make money. It turned out that reading is to upgrade their own diploma, or just as a hobby.

but now it’s different. The development of the Internet has broken the limit.


time said: "this" net "will be more people and information together: content exposure more quickly, exposure to a wider, lower cost, and the relationship among people more convenient, people get all kinds of information channels more widely, faster."

now, reading people’s life than the original free reading, not only can edify sentiment, can directly support the money, you have a better life.

today, time would like to share with you: in the Internet age, how to better support their reading.

one, the reader can sell what?

reading people’s products can be: knowledge, skills, experience.

and these virtual products can be sold directly to the fans, the audience.

there are always some people feel that knowledge is not worth the money, because knowledge is invisible, invisible, can not touch. So, no one is spending money on the Internet to buy knowledge.

I think this idea is particularly silly, because they are "external" as a criterion to judge the value of.

‘s thirst for knowledge and information is always a big demand for human beings.

and you as a reader, if you want to sell knowledge and experience, there are generally three points:

1 you will, some people will not.

2 part of the people do not have the time / ability to find a vast amount of information in the vast, collect, sort out their useful, valuable content.

3 part of the people do not have the time / ability to sum up the essence of a particular knowledge.

let’s talk about it.

1 you will, some people will not.

even with the convenience of the Internet, however, the amount of information that people are always asymmetric. As long as you are a little more careful, you will find that there are various kinds of knowledge and experience on the internet. This is the use of information asymmetry.

in your eyes is very common knowledge, but in the eyes of others is very precious, need to learn >

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