Some problems that should be paid attention to before the network promotion

is the same as before, to get a project, the first thing is to think of how to promote, but what is the enterprise products, these products have what characteristics, network characteristics of customers which etc.. In terms of the website I claim, taking into account the characteristics of the industry, I need to consider the following aspects:

first, the most basic and most important point is that you have a better understanding of what you claim.

I can not even the most basic business conditions are not clear, I would like to blindly say that the blog marketing, I would like to SEO, really want to be very depressed. Method is not wrong, the problem is what is suitable for you to know, network marketing, not to SEO, not the natural ranking, but the real customer. In addition, bloody lessons: try to deal with my relationship with the enterprise, the enterprise with good communication. I claim you know more about the company than I do, and understand their purchasing habits. So, this is very important, very important. (currently Daisy is still learning)

second, where is my target group?

the Internet is so big, my human is limited, can not do it "what". Therefore, I must determine the target group where? What is the network characteristics of them? I claim the enterprise sells toothpick, chopsticks and other products, you can consider the hotel is not their customers? What are the general hotel through the network channels into toothpicks, chopsticks and other tableware? They are in some B2B the site directly (such as Alibaba, Marco Polo, intelligent search providers, etc.) or from the search engine to start? (still with the enterprise communication) here, have to say, although the domestic search engine market size has reached 5 billion, but does not mean that the search engine marketing is a panacea. When you see Google and Baidu, the peer site is not how SEO, it is necessary to consider in the end is because they do not have this awareness, or they are in a more effective way to promote other?

third, what are the characteristics of my product?

different products have different key features. Such as bread, and also divided into Baozi Stuffed with BBQ Pork, Baozi Stuffed with Red Bean Paste. My customers in search of toothpicks and other products, is the search by price, or categories of the products of toothpick points (such as spicy toothpick what etc.); had a project about cosmetic, to say to get the website up, then we quickly push it out wide. Daisy was in want to, take the site easily, but also have to think about at least the catalog page? OK, the final site is set up, thousands of products is cast in the May Day holiday on the shelves, the problem is finally home catalog really is not in line with the user’s search habits, finally can only change. After this incident, I tell myself, eat hot tofu. In the same way, don’t skip these steps to speed.

at the same time, also need to consider the sale of toothpicks and chopsticks is the price.

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