Secret Japan’s hottest buy site Qpod the main promotion by micro blog

July 13th news, the Chinese buy site entrepreneurial boom in full swing, the Japanese market is also quietly warming. Compared to the simple imitation of the domestic buy site, a high degree of homogeneity of the competition, the Japanese buy site has a unique path of growth.

Japan currently has about 15 group purchase sites, these sites are most IT professionals to establish their own, but which also has access to venture capital companies, one of which is is one of the most popular buy site in Japan, its co-founder and investor Japan Infinity Venture Partners (IVP) fund has invested $2 million and a $3 million increase in capital considerations.

Japan IVP fund is one of the most active Internet investment funds in Asia, and its success stories include investing in the popular social games in Japan, the sunshine ranch developers China cool.


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website in June 27th to 500 people under a single purchase voucher barbecue start, 7 days a week non-stop to launch a new group purchase goods from the beginning of July 3rd, including from the Hayao Miyazaki movie tickets to a helicopter tour in Tokyo "and other varieties, the cartoon image of the" beauty Ruby "also started Japanese folklore.

is responsible for and participate in the management of the project IVP fund partner Tanaka Akio recently in Beijing and NetEase technology to share in Japan to do some ideas.

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is not a lot of Japanese buy site, but according to IVP forecast, the overall market size will reach half of the United States in the future.

is reported that the largest U.S. buy site Groupon valuation has now exceeded $1 billion, showing that half of the U.S. market size means a huge commercial value. But in Japan, not everyone can buy.

it is understood that, in the same way as in China, in the early stages of the development of the Japanese market is mainly in the IT industry in the operation of the site, most of these sites are less than 10 employees, and even the site is only a business of only 1 people. Because there is no support for offline sales, these sites basically can not guarantee that a daily update rate, it is impossible to talk about the opening of the city outside the division in Tokyo.

"line sales of group purchase website is very important, Tanaka Akio said," everyone can open the group purchase website "is a lot of misunderstanding of group purchase understanding," you can build a group purchase website, but no line sales team, you can not guarantee the ‘day’."

news website with the same principle of daily updates, buy only a day to push the site to buy a commodity, in order to ensure that the user long

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