Prosperity or fire China audio scene is experiencing explosive growth

"I think the organizers want to more and more involved in this field, because we see our success. We also observe that this is not a threat to us, but this is not the case, because the more people into the market, the more it will promote the growth of the market."

– storm electricity syllable organizer, A2LiVE CEO Zhou Bohong (Eric Zho)

The Dong Luqian Liu Pengfei


, editor of Dong Lucy


in Merlin tab

Electronic Music Festival this year completely fire!

2016 eleven period, Shanghai ecological park outside of the Disney Budweiser storm electric field syllable exciting music, menacing young people tirelessly wanton dancing, everybody scream.

is different from the other station, the ShangHai Railway Station for the first time to take the three stage play on the stage, the configuration is also a comprehensive upgrade, Alesso, Skrillex, Chace, Jolin, Jane Zhang and other eleven lineup in the day attracted more than 40 thousand spectators.

storm this year, the expansion of electricity from Shanghai to Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other six cities (XiaMen Railway Station due to typhoon cancellation). In the eleven Shanghai storm does not heat out, veteran Beijing electronic music festival INTRO in October 29th will be stationed in Shanghai for the first time, the New York zoo Electronic Music Festival (Electric Zoo) in November 12th will also be the first landing in Shanghai. According to incomplete statistics, a think-tank, this year the mainland has held 29 large and small scale electronic music festival, there will be a 5 game wait for his.

market is prosperous, or fire? In the promotion of money and technology, electronic music is reconstructing young people entertainment life and the spiritual world of







in Shanghai the Bund is the hotel lobby floor, Budweiser electric storm syllable organizers, A2LiVE CEO Zhou Bohong and we talked about. His voice was soft and firm tone, appearing a technique of self-confidence, people can not be ignored.

2015, Zhou Bohong told us the prophecy, China will become the electronic music next broke an important market, this is his choice and starting in 2010 the transformation of electronic music market trends! Former electronic music has not yet become a hot industry, as far away from the arena but gained a sense of freedom. Today, Zhou Bohong’s judgment is coming true, at least in Shanghai, the international metropolis, STORM>

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