News that Amazon or bid for the domain name registrar GoDaddy

Beijing time on September 11th morning news, according to foreign media reports today, sources said, the Internet domain name registration company upcoming auction.

sources said, GoDaddy will be priced at more than $1 billion. While senior Silicon Valley banker Frank · Quattrone (Frank Quattrone) under the banner of the investment bank Qatalyst Partners will be responsible for handling the auction process.

industry insiders believe that private Holdings Company may participate in this auction, San Francisco private Holdings Company Vector Capital earlier this summer just to the sale price of $135 million and two domain name registration company.’s website wrote to manage the total amount of domain names, the company is the world’s largest domain name registrar, the total number of domain names more than 43 million.’s parent company is The Go Group, in addition to, the company also operates a company called Wild West Domains domain name distributors, as well as a number of other domain related enterprises. is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States (Scottsdale), the company in 1997 by Bob · Parsons (Bob Parsons) was founded in 1994 when the sale of funds from the start he founded the tax software company Intuit $64 million.

According to one industry source,

is also one of the possible participants in the acquisition of

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