With Baidu to challenge the medical department of Putian Fang Shensheng why

written: Lei Jianping

listen to Tencent technology reported on March 28th

recently a "the Baidu war" rumors, let the medical department of Putian taking in the teeth of the storm on the spotlight.

online rumors, Putian (Chinese) Health Industry Association issued a notice, called "the rules of network bidding work for medical institutions to become the Internet, seriously affected the growth of medical institutions, the call for all the folks stop paid online promotional activities for Baidu.

Baidu official attitude towards Putian Department of health care providers is also very tough, made it clear that it will not shake the high threshold, strict audit determination, and will increase the remediation of the Department of Putian as the representative of illegal medical promotion."

why the medical department of Putian companies dare to openly challenge Baidu, Baidu and why attitude was so tough to fight back? All this is behind, the medical department of Putian private hospital China taking occupy 80% share in 2014, Baidu’s contribution to the income of more than 10 billion yuan.

of course, the medical department of Putian has a lot of irregular, or harm the behavior of patients, leading to Baidu often encounter attacks, especially the 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi repeatedly attacked Baidu CEO Robin Li made "dirty money", do not emphasize the 360 search of medical advertisements.

Baidu also claimed that in 2014 a total of more than 1.3 illegal medical institutions refused to customers, more than 6 of the Department of Putian hospital.

in fact, this is not the first time on the Putian Department of the hospital in July 2014, New Oriental chairman Yu Minhong in the teeth of the storm, the micro-blog shelling Putian Department of the hospital, the event fuse is a teacher in New Oriental Yunnan Maria hospital birth death.

what is the medical department of Putian Fujian Putian, unfamiliar to most people, but the name Marie Charity Hospital, women’s Hospital, almost every Chinese are deja vu. Even if the city does not have these hospitals, will also be heard from the provincial TV advertising these names.

most of these hospitals are opened in Putian. Putian people started from the "old army, a venereal Youyi resultsquot, gradually opened a hospital in the country. Most of these hospitals are andrology, gynecology, infertility, plastic surgery and other private hospitals.

at the end of last century, Chinese field hospital set off a wave of "hospital in hospital, known today as many private hospitals, such as Ireland eye, initially present in this hospital in hospital form. "Hospital intermediate people", that is, hospital departments contracting.

at that time the state investment in public hospitals decreased year by year, the hospital will not make money Department outsourcing. Putian Youyi through the "old Chinese medicine, cure gonorrhea and other small ads posted, then, in the first pot of gold" become sexually explicit, regular hospital doctor".

before and after 2000, the hospital caused by the chaos of the Ministry of health attention, a large number of hospital was canceled. And at this time of Putian

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