Kang released cloud platform core products Discuz X2 official version


in the sixth annual meeting of the Internet owners, Dai Zhikang hand in hand by the mysterious guest Zhang Zhidong jointly released the Kang cloud platform core products Discuz! X2 official version.

in 2011, with the Tencent to open platform strategy, Discuz! United Tencent internal multiple brother departments jointly developed based on Discuz equipment to strengthen Discuz!! cloud platform, open web service cloud era. At present, Discuz cloud platform, including QQ Internet, Tencent analysis, community exclusive QQ group, vertical and horizontal search, SOSO expression, roaming applications, Discuz, advertising alliance and other 7 services. In the future, all kinds of related applications and services in the course of the growth of the web site, will converge to Discuz.


Discuz! X2 official version of the product introduction

Discuz! X2 in succession and perfect Discuz! X1.5 "classic" tenet, "to expand operations" and "load" and "user experience" and "management experience" in several aspects, and build a comprehensive optimization, function improvement of up to more than 300.

Discuz! X2, enhanced operation

after ten years of accumulated experience, Discuz! X2 has become a product designed for "operation". In terms of function, to strengthen the operation of the site, improve user stickiness, the real sense to meet the needs of users.

Discuz! X2, super load

Discuz! X2 with leading technology Tencent team, reduce the database load: improve database, memory, file storage and cache technology, so as to enhance the speed of the Forum: additional built-in "read and write" separation technology, make operation more simple.

Discuz X2,

carved details!

Discuz! X2 from the front of the user experience to the management of the background operation, cumulative improvement, optimization of more than 300, to help build a fine, personalized community.

Discuz! X2, open innovation

Discuz has been a win-win! Team advocated the idea of cooperation, Discuz! Third API interface plug-in mechanism and open the complete X2 built-in, owners in the background can be used according to their respective needs selective, allowing owners more freedom, controllable operation.

Discuz! X2 version of the main features:

A performance optimization built-in perfect solution, continue to improve product load capacity

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