Appeal to the majority of the film station is not using 56 com data

now Baidu has lost the search for 0 pages may be because did not return to normal for more than a week to open the station has been shown to maintain it, K.


and the when to resume normal. Now Sunday evening last week out of the official announcement said the data upgrade, please wait for a period of time, I guess is under what restrictions so in time cannot access to, so a large flow of the day is how much, how much is a website. Estimation is a huge number, if you are the boss and you may make your site upgrade more than 1 weeks of Le, although the money, but the money daule, believe that everyone knows the truth, a day of advertising revenue is not a small number, have the resources to human but why he long time cannot access it, I guess because of the impact of some policy or to him after the punishment, these estimates are unknown, only he knows it, I believe that is not just an upgrade, upgrade under the guise of them. Definitely not in the recovery period of time, I appeal to the majority of the film music of a station in Daolian data, data is not stable, often replacing the player for a movie station can play movies, also called the movie station, so called big household Youku data card and not stable the film quality is still very clear not casually to the P2P data than it can meet the needs of the people to watch the movie, we do stand is the same for the stable, stable only to keep visitors. This article is estimated to write bad hope that we do not bear fruit.

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