CBC move document No 86 tough response Alipay banks consider clearing payment interface

industrial and Commercial Bank of China

quick payment against Alipay and become a comprehensive system of commercial bank by a piece of Domino.

began in March 24th, part of the new ICBC to pay the user quickly, a small area of the phenomenon of the phenomenon of the user signed unsuccessful. Feedback from Alipay insiders, Alipay attributed to the consequences of the bank closed fast payment interface to.

however, the bank does not agree that alipay. 25, 2009, a person close to the industrial and Commercial Bank of China to the twenty-first Century economic report revealed that an interface, the normal use is no problem. The problem is that Alipay has not meet the bank."

what he called the "interface", which is from the beginning of 24, ICBC has been gradually shut down Alipay in the ICBC system fast payment interface number, the bank currently has a quick payment service interface number branches from 5 reduced to 1.

in other words, the original ICBC has a quick payment interface authority branch 5, now received permission from the head office uniform and arranged to Alipay’s Zhejiang branch, by its special Alipay fast payment interface for maintenance and management.

"is not a closed one size fits all. Currently, in addition to the 4 interfaces outside the Zhejiang branch, has been part of the new contract, but for the stock of users, the interface can go through the 5 branches. New users can access through the Zhejiang branch interface." The source said, ICBC head office has strengthened the capacity of the Zhejiang branch of the system and the level of risk control, an interface carrying the entire line of fast payment business is no problem.

on the same day, ICBC to twenty-first Century economic report said the bank’s cooperation with Alipay will not change. Alipay in the ICBC quick payment to reduce the number of interfaces, technically does not have any impact on trading.

"I work on a unified interface, and Alipay upfront side has a long time of communication, and make full preparations and arrangements related work are done in the background, such as the Alipay side with, the customer transaction will have no impact." ICBC statement.

bank’s subtext is clear – hoping to get Alipay’s support and cooperation. So, in the face of the user online payment fast payment ratio of 60%-70%, Alipay bank and the differences of the interests and the game point where


ICBC will not be the only bank to take action. A number of banking sources, at present, each accusing the other branches also have to consider the quick payment service interface and unified straighten.

interface five minus four: who does not cooperate with


the event closed fast payment interface, bank and Alipay accused each other with, what is the truth?

by quick payment process operation analysis, Alipay and other three parties to initiate fast payment password, in the original ICBC system

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