Daily topic Ali ban WeChat marketing applications triggered social networking game

station network (www.admin5.com) August 1st news yesterday, the electricity supplier who broke the news that the Alibaba issued a notice, Taobao will cut off all sources from the data interface of WeChat, open confrontation with WeChat. People taobao.com yesterday responded that the only shelf part of WeChat applications, the WeChat application data exists a big security risk, WeChat also recently closed a number for Taobao products and businesses marketing public account. Industry analysis, the two companies in the field of social networking, online shopping and other areas will continue to struggle.

followed by the official release of Alibaba responded that the consumer is to protect the user’s feelings and control the risk of transactions. And in the announcement that the WeChat team in the near future has also introduced a number of restrictions on the sale of Taobao products and Taobao sellers on WeChat to protect the feelings of micro credit households. In fact, to avoid repeating the mistakes of micro-blog Sina, WeChat for the platform dazzling marketing means has been carried out rectification. On Friday, WeChat once again implemented a ban on marketing account strategy.

suddenly sounds reasonable, a number of WeChat marketing applications harassment users is the truth, but that is a small part. In the Taobao service platform, WeChat marketing applications have several, such as beauty, mogujie.com, such as the third party platform has attracted a large number of fans, have to say that their user experience is good. After Taobao had blocked Baidu spiders, once vigorously recruit guest, still a lot of people engaged in amoy. Why in the WeChat platform, it is necessary to cancel the guest there? Isn’t the only WeChat marketing affect the user experience? The answer is of course not.

Ali specializes in the field of electricity providers, WeChat is also slowly penetrate. The upcoming release of the WeChat 5 in addition to sweep through to the electricity supplier and drainage will jointly launched WeChat caifutong payment, at the same time with the QQ movie tickets, group purchase etc. services to get through, Zhang Yi said, not everyone is on Taobao, but everyone will use WeChat, which makes WeChat became a potential rival Taobao. As everyone knows, the electricity supplier Tencent was heart headache, empty user traffic can not explain what, Tencent will not miss any chance in the electricity business here. This gave the Tencent an opportunity in the WeChat public platform boom. WeChat SNS platform to do social public electricity providers have a strong competitive advantage, so close to the convenience of user interaction, and personalized service experience, and then relying on the large circle of friends and promote the reputation, the upcoming opening of WeChat payment channel, a closed ecosystem electricity supplier and the. If there is a lack of some of the genes on the brand electricity supplier of it, and the development of the Internet to the logic of the upper Amoy brand, no matter from which point of view here are fertile soil.

and the two sides are estimated to cooperate with Taobao Tmall micro-blog. This morning, Sina and Taobao will be held in Beijing, the product cooperation conference, the introduction of sina micro-blog Taobao version, to achieve account interoperability, Taobao sellers can be released directly in the Sina micro-blog Taobao version of the product, and after

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