Behind the failure of Google has a more failed Google

      do the company website operation for so long, for the first time for Google is so disappointed, disappointed is the service, is the search results, it is Google that seemingly noble and selfless operation mode.

      used on the Internet to see some people said: "the Google is doing so well, Li Kaifu did not do Chinese Google, Google Chinese no localization", recently always on the Internet to see another group of people say: "in fact, Google good, fast expansion, Baidu is corrupt. Is not the user’s attention, for the rapid development of the search engine, and I did not change the habit of using the Baidu, but recent events, let people feel the failure of google.

      the cause of the matter is very simple: the company’s Web site was linked to horse, after testing the server provider, that is by hackers, the server provider is responsible for the first time to tell me, and in the afternoon on the removal of malicious code, but things happened in eleven during the holiday, found the code is hung to space business, there are 4 to 5 days between, and seemingly just met Google ranking update relevant search results in the name of the company, was added the deadly hint: "the site may contain malicious software, may harm your computer."

      what is the meaning of this sentence, I believe that people who have a little exposure to the computer can be properly understood, what is the result? The company, from the manager to the Department Manager, all call ask how this is going on, and found that the situation is actually a big customer of our company, based on mutual trust and understanding not give the customers what bad phenomenon, but for others?

      the company is a Google auction customers, I immediately contacted the Google local agents, ask them to come forward to solve the problem, the current proposed three reasons: 1. We are also victims, 2. The horse problem has been solved, 3. The company is a Google client.

      note: the third is not a threat agent, but clearly pointed out that now the situation has changed, and here is the safety of our space service providers in charge of company is the victim, if there is a processing mechanism, based on our Google customers, please give priority to handle relevant matters.

      the results obtained? The agent replied: "you need to fill in a form of pure English, mail to the specified address, kept for half a month, so there will be results".


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