Daily topic inventory of those who are friends but the nternet companies together

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network October 14th news, in recent years the Internet seems to be popular "you marry me marry", "fight" once enemies say half alive together together? This style change too fast! The following Xiaobian inventory in recent years under the "together" the Internet business.

1, the United States public comment merger

October 8th, the U.S. group and the public comment jointly issued a statement, officially announced a strategic cooperation, the two sides have jointly set up a new company. The new company will become China’s leading platform in the field of O2O. American CEO Wang Xing in the company’s internal e-mail said, the transition from phase to love just a holiday, from love to marriage must cause long-term business. O2O is just beginning. Companies need to maintain a humble attitude, to provide consumers with better service.

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2, 58 city and Ganji: from the tear forced with show loving

news April 17th, 58 city today officially announced the merger and ganji.com, Ganji CEO Hao Yang Chung issued an internal letter pointed out that after the merger, in the capital level, the two will form a new company, 58 market Co. ltd.. This means that the company will be made one 58 fair since entering the billion dollar club, has become a giant company after Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, NetEase, Jingdong, Internet Co such as vip.com.

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3, Ctrip acquired elong accelerate industry consolidation

May 22 Ctrip announced the joint platinum Tao Group and the acquisition of Tencent Expedia holds elong shares of 62.4%. After the completion of the acquisition, Ctrip in the art dragon, the shareholding proportion will reach 37.6%, become the largest single shareholder of elong.

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4, drops and quick: it is really loving shaking heaven and earth  

February 14th, a quick taxi and drops taxi jointly issued a statement announcing the two strategic mergers. After the merger, the new company will implement the Co-CEO system, drops taxi CEO Cheng Wei and fast taxi CEO Lv Chuanwei served as joint CEO.

according to the contents of the two sides announced that the two companies after the joint implementation of the new Co-CEO system, drops taxi CEO Cheng Weiji fast taxi CEO Lv Chuanwei will serve as a joint CEO. The two companies are

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