Who will become the ultimate winner of the video site

is less than June, Beijing road running car would have to roll up the window, opened the air conditioning. Perhaps in the hot discussion of "winter" began to heavily from some be inopportune or inappropriate, a year ago, the video site did not come to winter ". Of course, the late winter is not necessarily a good thing, the longer the storm is often more brutal. After all, for the majority of people, more than 200 domestic video site is indeed too much.

in April this year, Jiangxi Wuyuan tea company executives through the network video will be displayed to the customer after brewing tea. Many investors began to tap the domestic video website contains huge business opportunities. Figure /CFP

video site operators say history is always surprisingly similar. In the year three portal was born at that time, the same user choice facing a multitude of names, eventually achieve King chart dominance.

venture into the video site

as early as 3 years ago, ocean media tycoon Murdoch spent $560 million to the American popular Myspace’s fold, although now Myspace still does not make money, but only "News Corporation content resources to the Internet platform" this point, is enough to make people excited.

The excitement of

, to a large extent, has spurred investors, who have been crazy about it since 2005.

last year, Google spent nearly $1 billion 700 million to buy video site Youtube, let investors envy. "If the next few years, there is a network company to go beyond the Google, then the company will appear in the P2P (PeertoPeer English acronym refers to" peer connection or peer network) network video broadcast field." Global Internet, Softbank investment Godfather international venture fund President Sun Zhengyi said, then he put a sum of tens of millions of dollars of venture capital investment hit China. After him, Sequoia, Caire, SIG, DCM and so on the world’s top VC also have hands-on. According to the news has now been publicly disclosed, only in China, the video field has been more than $100 million in venture capital.

When does the

network television appear?

, like the difference between newspapers and television, users actually have different forms of information acquisition needs. The Internet itself has a strong media characteristics, plain text and pictures of the Web1.0 form in the future can not cover the needs of all users to access information. For example, the great success of sina, the status quo is like the Internet, people’s daily, then the future of the Internet should also have a CCTV?" This is a well-known domestic Internet companies in March this year, an interview with reporters in an interview question.

so, a question arises: whether there will be Internet TV on the Internet? In the new era of technology driven, web

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