Dai Zhikang a step by step thinking to seize the user path

the latest news, the morning of June 26th, the growth in the end of 2009 community operations combat training activities officially launched in Tianjin Tianjin familiar hotel, "the 18 city" interactive webmaster Club tour has officially kicked off. "Stationmaster" club president Dai Zhikang attended the opening of Tianjin CEO, Comsenz station first training activities, the development of "China vertical and local community sites and the way of" keynote speech.

"to establish a thinking path, step by step to seize the user." Dai Zhikang pointed out that SNS (Social Network) is emerging as a new site to attract new users weapon. But at the same time, each of the SNS community is also really to retain the user thinking,

UCHome, Manyou is being developed for each phase of the vertical SNS required to develop the appropriate features and services. With the increase and diversification of the application on the Manyou, vertical SNS will be more attractive in terms of personalized service users.



CEO Dai Zhikang to participate in the training of

webmasters Comsenz

"stationmaster" Chinese club is the most influential internet entrepreneurs club, by the Chinese largest Internet community platform and service provider Comsenz (Comsenz) and initiated the establishment of the

Internet entrepreneurs and managers China the most vigorous

group (commonly known as the webmaster) provides a learning, friendship and mutual aid of regular organizations. Comsenz and "stationmaster" club from June 2009 onwards, the second half will continue in the 18 city interactive tour for the local, most of the growth of

large and medium-sized community sites to launch face-to-face training of community and community operations.

the TianJin Railway Station activities, relying on the line under the training activities of the 2009 fourth year China Internet webmaster will increase to the end "of the faith into practice, Tianjin and the surrounding areas to help the community website, especially the vertical segments of the community,

local community to win faster and better development. Today’s interactive journey TianJin Railway Station sail full of popularity, get nearly a hundred Tianjin and the surrounding city owners and Internet practitioners to participate and support.

event details: http://s.zz.comsenz.com/2009city

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