Beijing City letter office and other departments in accordance with the law to close 17 illegal webs

recently, Beijing City letter office, Beijing cultural market administrative law enforcement corps, the Beijing Municipal Communications Authority closed 17 illegal websites.

according to the daily supervision and the masses clues and after investigation, "the Commission", "China News Network" and "Unirule net", "day utilities research center", "financial media network", "a novel network", "average" and "micro news," "" 17 websites exist without the Internet news information service license, engaging in Internet news information service; providing pornographic Internet audio-visual programs, network pornographic publications, published false information as well; no ICP registration information and ICP filing false registration and other illegal acts, violation of the "Internet information services management approach", "Internet news information service management regulations", "non operational Internet information services for the record management approach", "Internet audio-visual program service Management regulations, the provisions of the network publishing services management and other relevant laws and regulations and the circumstances are serious.

in view of the above situation, Beijing City letter office, Beijing city cultural market administrative law enforcement corps, Beijing communications authority has closed the website according to law.

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