Use your site to do what people can do

action, use your site to help people in disaster areas to do whatever it takes to

5.12, Wenchuan earthquake. My city – Chongqing is also affected by the earthquake, from the office, home from live streams of people busily coming and going in the evening, the crowd, many people live in the park, outdoor.

earthquake is a shock to life, so that we can redefine and look at life. Compared with the great life, fame and fortune, power is so humble, gain and loss is so insignificant. Life is the greatest wealth, life is the greatest hope. We should cherish today, we will be living for myopia, friendship, affection, happiness forward, cherish every meter in the warmth of the sun, don’t know will lose only regret.

recently every day to see disaster news, watch online postings, many enterprises and individuals in donations, blood donation, there is always a kind of moved us to tears. God bless China Our wills unite like a fortress..

Chinese old is also home to do a BANNER doing their part for the earthquake relief, hope all the friends you have resources, action, to do their best for the people of the disaster relief effort.

if life is in, the dream is in. For the blessing, blessing for the living.

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