Prohibit access to personal site personal webmaster situation will be more difficult

in view of the ongoing network regulatory pressure, lack of management and personal site, our company from now on in the room all prohibited access interactive websites and all forms of personal site, to ensure that all users of the legitimate interests of enterprises.

also made clear in the room all prohibited access novel station, servers, and other forums cannot implement information security or information security risks exist on the site, once found, the company will have the right to terminate its service.

users please understand our approach, thank you for your support of all of the network, all networks will spare no effort to provide quality services for the majority of business users and network, enterprises will be customer service as the only company’s development strategy.

network is the network service provider being one of the earliest to complete technical measures, the shield and proud Shield firewall white list protection, 24 hours of scanning monitoring Green Shield bypass monitoring equipment, at the same time for each server free pre installed software Huadun interception, four shield to protect the network security, to provide the most secure network environment high quality user.

below is related to prohibit access to individual users of the computer room:

Shanghai Telecom room, Shanghai Caohejing Shanghai Netcom room, Nu River mobile room, Zhejiang Telecom Shaoxing, Jiaxing Zhejiang, Ningbo room, double room, Jiangsu Nantong Beijing Beiyuan telecommunications room, double room, Ji’nan Netcom room


China Information Technology Co. Ltd.

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to tell the truth, this IDC should be condemned, in order to avoid the responsibility to take this extreme way, once the industry have to follow suit, will cause a huge blow to individual owners, or even destroy. I don’t know what such behavior is to help combat illegal vulgar pornographic and vulgar information, because the sites are generally rich (relative personal webmaster), can be registered shell companies, or the use of other money can solve the way, but for individual webmaster to say is absolutely devastating. For the domestic Internet will also have a significant impact on the Internet, China will no longer be rich and colorful, only the enterprise website of the Internet will be what appearance, hope that the relevant part to seriously consider, if not the segment information resources provided by individual owners, a large part of Internet users will lose power for searching the Internet, the Internet will be back.

this is just the beginning, if the domestic IDC have followed suit, then the individual owners will have no living space.

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