Daily conversation the watercress commercial move reliable

station network (www.admin5.com) news from November 28th, watercress has been established, Yang Bo attracted tens of millions of users with fresh literary temperament, also attracted Sequoia VC tens of millions of dollars, in recent years, it is gradually began to try the watercress commercial. In addition to traditional advertising, watercress in the provision of services in each of the segments of watercress have a few commercial attempts.


for eight years, watercress, no profit. From the book video market to the community, and then to the electricity supplier, watercress explore commercialization, careful, but step by step difficult. Watercress buried eight years to create a utopia, but suddenly started the electricity supplier. This is a lot of fans questioned for instant success, and the bean, commercialization is to break through the bottleneck sooner or later.

in all the "fast" for the purpose of development of the Internet industry, watercress slow culture, successfully gathered some loyal users of high-quality books, "watercress large database, the number of users and groups Douban, are accumulated in the" slow "under the influence of culture." In the view of the intelligent network lab founder Zhu Zidan, this product is the character of watercress watercress for the success of the decisive, "end of the world, these mop.com predecessors are because of the amount of information quickly impact away product nutrients in the soil, resulting in the final product is exhausted." However, this huge to various literary youth polymerization, to resemble the demeanor talk as the main line of the website art fan mode, but inevitable with earnings problems. Especially when the bean from a founder Yang Bo, a person in Beijing Hutong near the Starbucks program bean can create independent website, become a huge community for more than and 300 employees, carrying 70 million young artists of social life, money is a big problem in the imminent.

with the increase in the size of the user, the pace of commercialization is accelerating. Sources of income include brand advertising, interactive marketing and electricity supplier channels, etc.. October 2013, watercress on-line "things" channel. Get the right to share watercress watercress users, you can share in a watercress electricity supplier website or store goods, if someone buys, watercress can be divided into a sum of money. There are similarities and the traditional electricity supplier shopping guide websites, "something" on the commercial links and introduced from users to share. Watercress according to their content to show the strategy and algorithm will be shared to the platform of the product is recommended to more users. If you are interested in the product, the user can click on the link to jump to the relevant electricity supplier website purchase. In addition, you can click on like, or add the corresponding theme of their own products, beans".

but whether it is a social electricity supplier or electricity supplier shopping guide, the field of products are not easy to success. In particular, when watercress choose from many categories of merchandise shopping guide cut, the operation will be more difficult. Insiders said the analysis, if watercress things shopping guide lack of professionalism, its electricity supplier community is still difficult to remember by the user. How to reduce the difficulty of users to find products

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