The background of the private 315 web site survey only thousands of complaints from the site reprodu

"private" 315 sites profit by unscrupulous

a 315 consumer complaints network down thousands of sites to stand up

The day before

, sponsored by Chinese Electronic Chamber of Commerce "315 consumer complaints network" mandatory service, mandatory fees and other illegal acts, Beijing City Internet publicity management office and other five units of the joint investigation, to close down the site. With the scale of the "315 consumer complaints network closed, the network name of emerge in an endless stream of" 315 "and" rights "under the banner of the similar sites have not learned? These have not been exposed 315 whether the site received enough supervision, whether on behalf of the public and fair means" IT times "? This reporter made a survey.

IT cloud

times Xin Liu Chao

315 website background survey

a lot of 315 sites actually registered

search on the Internet, including the name of "315" site is still much more dazzling. According to the reporter, many of which are not in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "315 websites of Internet information services management approach" in the striking position marked its business license or registration number information, such as "315 China online" (, "315 complaints portal" ( In the Ministry of industry and information technology ICP/IP address / domain name information management system to further record their registration information, the results are not eligible for the record".

and in accordance with the national Internet information service management approach, operating sites must apply for ICP licenses and license number on the website, otherwise it is illegal business.

more confusing thing is that a "consumer rights complaints network ( with its record number for the min ICP No. 06010651, the record number of queries in the Ministry of the system according to the results, but still does not meet the conditions for the record".

in addition, can also be found through the management system, it seems some "official" web 315 non official institutions, and by private registration, this kind of website function only is the personal information publishing platform, news gathering, there is no legal qualification spread, its ability to verify the complaint the authenticity of the industry doubt.

site only a thousand dollars from the complaint

is responsible for the construction site of Hangzhou Zhang told reporters: "the construction of a forum and complaints function protection website, probably only need about 1000 yuan on it, but also for the use of the domain name word and there is no clear limit, 315 words like everyone can use."

in the 315 complaints network ( reporter found that the site a lot of complaints >

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