Exposure Jingdong service providers to replace the rules prohibit the transaction outside the platfo

since July 1st, all in the service of Jingdong merchants and third party service providers (hereinafter referred to as ISV) products must be through the "Jose" cloud platform for online sales, before the abolition of the API interface and synchronous authentication of business license, business only through the online purchase of related software, to regain the authority to call data.


coincidentally, shop No. 1 also began to implement the same policy, last week, the company under the framework of several ISV free products. A ISV person in charge told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, the future of ISV related products must be through the shop No. 1, the business will win the cloud platform for sale, and the need to strictly abide by the platform to develop the limit policy.

this adjustment, ISV and merchants will be affected. But for Jingdong, shop No. 1, such as the platform, to some extent, means to go to the closed, prohibit the transaction outside the platform, the ISV sales, receivables and even data storage gradually unified into their platform. And behind the consideration is cloud computing and big data. Because the third party service software has a platform side can not grasp the details of the operation of the merchant data, and is the main tool for businesses to call platform data.

above ISV official predicted that this adjustment is only the first step, the future of several major electricity supplier platform may emulate Ali, forced third party service providers into the tower". In February this year, Ali introduced a new policy, which stipulates that businesses or third party service providers must apply all the deployment of cloud computing environment together spire, and the merchant or service provider in the use of poly spire database or server hosting products, the annual need to pay a fee.

electronic business platform has opened the big data, cloud computing battle curtain incorporated ISV

Jingdong and shop No. 1 in an interview with the twenty-first Century economic news reporter confirmed the adjustment of the policy. It is understood that the two platforms are on the ISV products to make the lowest price limit, prohibit the free product shelves, such as Jingdong minimum price of $2000. Jingdong, shop No. 1, said that the lowest price is to set up a good ecological, I hope ISV can win the reputation of product quality, to avoid a price war.

implementation of the new policy, ISV and businesses directly affected. ISV will not be able to deal directly with the merchant through the line, but also can not provide free products, and sales must be collected by Jingdong and store 1. It is understood that, from July 1st onwards, the abolition of the Jingdong before the merchant’s API interface authentication authorization, the merchant can only be re paid through the purchase of Zeus cloud platform can be re authorized.

in fact, instead of businesses to buy online is the ISV software, it is better to buy the Jingdong platform API interface certification authority, but the cost of the final return to ISV, Jingdong is free of charge. Otherwise, even if the company purchased online ISV products, the same can not call the platform data.

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