Answer five unconventional problems of the site record

recently, many individuals are responding to the call of the Ministry of information industry, actively for their website for the record. However, for many personal AdSense for a time like no echo no movement. Not only that, through the audit, but cannot download the registration certificate for the record of the site to the space where the problem of download the certificate and other unconventional (the very problems are problems not mentioned in the website of the Ministry of information industry for help) also plagued the webmaster. To this end, specially arranged these unconventional issues, hoping to meet these problems to provide some help friends.

1, non – business website for the record will not be reviewed?

business website filing is mainly in the communications authority around the site and other information related to the responsibility of the person responsible for the site’s public management (such as network monitoring) to provide information. Therefore, whether or not to review the site through the record does not generally review the content of the site (of course, engage in pornography is obviously not allowed), they only look at the information you submitted is accurate. For example, you rented space in Guangdong, you choose to be in charge of the Department of Guangdong, even if you are in Sichuan, you can not fill in Sichuan. There are more than a month to record the owners did not come down, even the fear of not even dare to open, in fact, there is no need, they generally do not check the contents of the site.

2, more than 20 days for the record did not come down how to do?

although this problem in the record site of the Ministry of information industry has mentioned, but many owners in the face of more than 20 days without filing down the case, usually choose to wait, in fact, if the Local Communication Management Bureau office staff call, usually second days they will give you the.

3, through the audit, but can not download the certificate will be closed?

has a domain name with the record, but when we landed, the information industry department website to download the certificate is suggested: "record information of the user has been approved, but due to network or other reasons, the system cannot correctly download the certificate documents and related information, please contact your system administrator". What should I do in this situation? A word, etc. But do not be afraid, your station has been passed for the record, even if temporarily can not download the certificate installed in the space of the root directory, they will not close your station. There are too many problems in the overall sense of the information industry sector filing website, instability is the main feature.

      4, the individual registered CN domain name can be in the name of the individual filing?

CN domain name one yuan of registered activities make personal webmaster held CN the number of domain names soared, however, must be registered in the name of institutions can CN domain name to the name of the individual record? I contacted the staff of the Sichuan communications administration, the defendant can file in person. In fact, the CN domain name must be registered in the name of the agency has reached the edge of the abolition of the.

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