Ensure the gold Kezu businesses run away 90% stop group purchase website

experts worry: Although the system is good 90% sites can not afford

recently, absconded Wo Wo Group business cooperation for Hu Li was arrested, and consumers are not due to the absconding damage, as early as before is not arrested Hu Li to get money from Wo Wo Group xianxingpeifu. In response to this, the legal profession, said the industry needs to establish a margin system to enhance the safety of consumers buy. However, such as the implementation of the move, there will be nearly 90% of the site can not afford to buy a million yuan deposit margin.

merchant debt buy site also


"from my delegation to the school list, and Hu Li met two times, and every time I was in a thousand million rush rush before he came to the formalities. But what I didn’t expect was that he finally disappeared." Consumers Miss Yang told reporters complained, "helpless, I can only with twenty or thirty consumers to seek help Wo Wo Group, fortunately Wo Wo Group very readily for a full refund of Hu li".


Miss Yang mentioned that Wo Wo Group is driving the group purchase early on the line "is only 200 yuan, the price of 1200 yuan coupons driving". According to Wo Wo Group Shanghai city manager Gao Shixing said, "this one has a total of more than and 640 people in order to consumers only need to pay 2600 yuan can enjoy driving the school teaching, and Hu Li only provide a full set of learning courses to more than 80 consumers pay, the other more than and 500 people and did not receive the corresponding service. Surprisingly, I was in August this year, Hu Li absconded".

reporter learned that, in these more than and 500 people, 150 people have been driving to the delivery cost of 2600 yuan, the other 300 only in the Wo Wo Group paid 200 yuan, the total cost of nearly 500 thousand yuan. To safeguard the interests of consumers, Wo Wo Group in the understanding of the situation after the generation of businesses to make Xianhengpeifu, 150 full payment of compensation for consumers 2800 yuan, and the other 300 returned to the 200 yuan.

while driving the list of group purchase group to fight groups of more than and 100 users is not so lucky. Reporters found that the current web site has no mission to fight the group news, buy site itself has disappeared, the payment of consumers is impossible to talk about.

foot business more than one or two

in fact, such a thing is not uncommon. Reporters found that since last year, the group to buy business partners frequently lose the chain, a number of buy site suffered merchants disappear or dishonesty dilemma.

it is understood that in August last year because businesses run away rice net loss of 500 thousand yuan, in February this year, the U.S. group net and DQ ice cream dispute is involved in tens of thousands of consumers. After the incident, the U.S. mission network said the group to participate in the purchase of 29 yuan in addition to get the original amount of the purchase of the original return, it will also be paid separately to buy the account of $21, in order to buy cash coupon denomination of $50. In addition to the above two, F group and other group buying site also suffered this fate.

reporter found that in order to prevent consumers suffer economic >

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