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September 26 news, by the webmaster nets (admin5.com) and Baidu Internet entrepreneurs Club Co sponsored by phpwind and Peng passenger network co 2011 Jiangsu Internet webmaster general assembly September 25th afternoon in Xuzhou Yunquan villa was held successfully. Meeting with "entrepreneurial innovation win-win cooperation as the theme, invited more than Internet experts and personal webmaster to analyze the present and future of the Internet, explore innovation industry website, cooperation in the development of e-commerce and other topics. As the largest economy in Jiangsu province in recent years, the Internet development is rapid, the emergence of Xicihutong, Changzhou long lane, stationmaster net and other famous sites, the conference attracted more than 300 delegates from across the country and the Jiangsu area personal webmaster to invite stationmaster net founder Zhang Zheng Jun (net graph king), founder of Hua Jun software park Hua Jun, laggards forum Dong Qinfeng (net refused to swimming fish) and Thailand boring CEO Lu Qiaolin, Baidu Union, micro-blog, Sina, micro-blog and other well-known Sohu guests. The meeting, the guests have a wonderful speech and interaction with the audience at the station to ask questions, the final session of the two sessions of the table is also a wonderful exception. The following is part of the speech of the conference.

conference attendance

at the start of the meeting, stationmaster net founder Zhang Zhengjun (net graph king) as the organizers, to host the identity of the webmaster to share and take the lead in dry cargo.

figure Wang

during the rally

figure Wang Huajun photo taken

Wang speech: Good afternoon! With so many webmaster gathered to share the experience this afternoon, I was very very happy, in today’s conference, more than and 100 and not in Xuzhou, from all over the country, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong provinces a lot of webmaster, so many webmaster, can gather in small Xuzhou, Xuzhou has always been a thoroughfare of five provinces, a hotly contested spot, now the Internet has many businesses to Xuzhou as a very key city, many large Internet companies, all sub station has been set up in Xuzhou, I hope all of you in other parts of the site, since the establishment of Xuzhou branch, Xuzhou Xuzhou landscape, human will be your memorable place, here we have 300 Xuzhou station, we take Xuzhou The passion, Xuzhou people’s heroic, to the field of the webmaster greet the warmest applause!!!

my share of the title is a feeling of business, our Xuzhou Internet Conference once a year has been held 5 times, said tired tired, said a long time is long, short is short, but also came, many of our webmaster slowly through it, we want to summarize the station long and business topics, I used a lot of the experience, I think, these articles, we experience every day, can even recite it, read later, soon forgotten, so if entrepreneurship >

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