Baidu put two fire in the backyard of Sohu

      Baidu two consecutive days after the release of the Baidu game channel and Baidu Olympic channel. The author in an article on the "Baidu portal" no longer focus one foot into the analysis of Baidu game channel, that the channel with a strong channel portal features, Baidu in a 2 way to build a game channel, and will open up such as finance, real estate and other channels.

      but I did not guess, Baidu actually made the Olympic Channel first, known as the opening of the Olympic strategy. The same as the game channel, the Olympic Games is also with the characteristics of the portal channel products, the reasons are as follows:

      1 Olympic channel consists of the following channels:

      page   activity area   I   I know the Olympic Games evaluation;   I write I sing the Olympic Games     Olympic Encyclopedia   Olympic collection   Olympic news list     star wall   Olympic map

      the contents of these channels are mostly derived from Sohu’s existing products, such as:

      the Olympic Games (Post Bar) I know (know) I wrote the Olympic Games (space) (MP4)   I sing the Olympic Games; Bai Ke (Bai Ke)   (3)   Olympic collection; Olympic news (News)   the Olympic list (list) Star Wall   the Olympic map

      home page, event area and star wall are the convergence of several other channels, and the final page of the Olympic map into the Baidu map channel.

      2 Olympic Channel looks better than the game channel

      Baidu games push five game, or a test version is pushed out; and the Olympic Channel well prepared, the content is very perfect, in Baidu’s content source channel 2, and these channels after 2-3 years of accumulation, the content is very rich. The overall page and the game channel and film and television channels, like a monotonous style of Baidu, the use of color is very rich, but also more appropriate.

      3 Baidu on the contents of the channel on the line to prove the strength and ability of Baidu development portal channel products.

      Baidu video is the first product on the line that is similar to a portal channel, but as a result of the content from the

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