The world’s first nternet page on line 25 anniversary

NetEase science and technology news December 21st news, according to technology website Engadget reported that if the Internet is a person, then it is estimated that the children will play soy sauce. Today is the world’s first 25 anniversary of the world wide web page on the line, its creator Tim · · Lee (Tim Berners-Lee) was also recorded in history.

the first page of the European Commission on Nuclear Research (CERN) in the network, until August 1991 was officially opened, and then the web page is just talking about how to complete the project based on hypertext. But even if it is so simple, it is still epoch-making, laid the people’s awareness of the Internet, even if there are still many people think that the Internet is the internet.

the past 25 years, the Internet is now the father of Berners · what Lee? In fact the Internet is still in the Senate for his hand to create the Internet with their own light and heat, he is now leading the world wide web forum. Now he is trying to protect the openness of the network, and inspect the operators against government attempts to sabotage network neutrality. The role of its old boss CERN has changed, the agency has shifted its focus to particle physics.

with the development of technology, the web is also in progress, and now it is becoming a platform, not just a simple document collection. In addition, it has been everywhere, whether it is our mobile phone or the latest head wearing equipment. However, its early heart has not changed: the Internet is a dynamic tool, people can share information through this platform to people around the world. (Lv Jiahui)

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