Do micro business 99% of the people died in this step


moment, derivative word too loud. People often see the successful case, online instant boil, called to enter the micro business.

Han taking three months to achieve micro beam one hundred million "news report, the number of businesses and individuals like playing chicken with the same excitement. A small cosmetics friend has just been boss roar "people see what to do, you do what shit".

is similar to such a small number of bosses, only to see the results of others, but it will not consider the operation of the process. Why don’t you do it yourself? I’ll tell you later!

whether companies do micro business or individual to do micro business, the ultimate goal is to sales performance. The difference is the difference of nature, mode and channel. So, is there a core product, mature business model, the channel can do micro business? The answer is no.. Why? Please look, don’t worry!

What is the first step for

to do micro business?

want to do micro business, fan base is a top priority, but also to do micro business success or not of the prerequisites. Why do you say that?

give a simple example, say "WeChat". WeChat’s function is very simple, very practical. But this does not mean that it is the best mobile social software, unfamiliar street, met, such as easy to believe these mobile social software features equally powerful, and even playability is also more than WeChat. But, why WeChat dominate the mobile social software arena? This is because it is usually "QQ" support. We all know that WeChat can use QQ login, that is to say, QQ is actually hundreds of millions of users of WeChat’s target user, although WeChat appears later than QQ for so many years. But after the birth of WeChat, QQ is perfect for WeChat diversion, in other words, QQ has already done a good job for the cultivation and breeding of WeChat users. When it comes to this we should all know why WeChat can succeed? There is a huge user base guarantee, do not want to succeed is difficult!

said back to micro business. Do micro business is also the truth, look at the success of those micro business, the original is the original Taobao shop, Tmall shop, or have a physical store businesses and individuals. Of course, do not rule out the big brands and media stars. They have been able to succeed, because they have done before the micro business has a number of users accustomed to online shopping or electricity supplier is familiar with the transaction.

when they began to do micro business, the first batch of fans are more than 95% of the diversion from the previous old customers, and then began to gradually expand. If not this batch of customer support, they want to start doing it, is not so simple.

so, this is the first step to do micro business: the development of fans, pre need to have a certain number of fans base or the number of fans.

99% the reason why people die in this step?

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