The sense of what one sees and hears the Admin5 station network

      awareness of Admin5 is not long, probably only 2 weeks. I surf the Internet for a long time, also know something of some news, Internet technology, is just a rookie, but I think from a rookie to look under the current Admin5, and contributors in admin5.

      Admin5 is really good! The first login will give me a rare sense of shock, because of its popularity, articles and opinions; but with the log more times I gradually found in spam there is actually a lot, such as: the same article too much; the universal existence question analysis is not deep; many more titles the party has just said, immediately stop; look professional articles, really do not see, is desirable, to learn less.

      Admin5 in wandering for many days, hoping to learn the experience of their predecessors, but I was a little disappointed, don’t let me learn from the experience, but to learn the soft kung fu one or two! The reason is nothing more than the domestic small and medium-sized webmaster culture level is not high, and even I want to say, their basic expression is even worse than a lot of many elementary school grade five students. The basic format of the article, basic sentence punctuation, sentence expression, typos, almost everywhere.

      the deepest feeling is a lot of comments, as a webmaster, the most basic propaganda gimmick do not understand, I do not know how to describe you. In the Admin5 comment promotion is the lowest level I have seen promotion methods. First, Admin5’s comments are shielding HTML format, will not increase any outreach to you, of course will not bring you to search any weight; then Admin5 is the webmaster, webmaster of AD is sensitive to any person, usually do not want to be so owners own a IP for others. Want to know your comments, even if your site display the number of times more, I can only say sorry, a little useless, and occasionally a few copy paste to see your site, I believe there will be no next time!

      for personal webmaster recommendations: to promote your website is not wrong, your AD is not wrong, but wrong when you don’t know how much more thick days, you don’t even know what a lot of ridiculous; when I look at some of the articles, really feel very funny, but the attendant is sad; start from the basic, key success stand a lot of time to do is subjective personal and control ability, is not widely used to master the old saying to yourself: "as long as you work hard you will be successful!". You may review hair hard, you are very hard, but I still want to tell you that I’m sorry, your hard work is not symplectic, zaikuzailei is that you asked for it! I don’t want to beat you

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