Buy into the fatigue period the price of a single turnover fell

July 30th afternoon, group purchase industry since the end of last year entered the collective silence period, according to the "report" the first half of 2012 group purchase on the show, although the first half of this year the domestic group purchase turnover reached 9 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 180%, but the group purchase prices rose quietly, single product turnover and the number of purchases have declined.


navigation group 800 released the group purchase group purchase "the first half of 2012 statistics report" shows that as of the end of June the number of domestic group purchase website approximately 2976, compared with the previous month again reduced 20, and the total turnover has not improved significantly, group purchase industry market size seemed to hit a transparent ceiling".

report pointed out that with the beginning of the industry forecast annual 20 billion yuan for the year compared to 9 billion 800 million yuan in the first half of the total turnover is only barely run half. Which station are group purchase from the beginning of July this year have quietly transition by improving the package price method to extend sale time, will be more broad group purchase into local life preferential field, the industry gradually into the "Pan Group purchase era".

group purchase activity has significant weakness

despite the overall performance of less than 1 billion 800 million yuan in June, showing the growth bottleneck encountered in the buy industry, but the total sales of nearly $10 billion a year to get the attention of the public to buy the industry a little more gratifying. According to the group 800 consecutive data statistics, data compared with the same period last year, the first half of this year, the domestic group purchase turnover growth of 180%, the purchase of a 151% increase in passengers, opened the largest increase in number 647%, group purchase the business value also can be verified.

but also worrying is that consumers of group purchase passion indeed faded, and the first half of last year the average group purchase turnover compared to 37 thousand yuan, the first half of this year is only 14 thousand yuan, a single product group purchase "pricing power" decreased more than doubled.

consumer interest in group purchase, with traders in frequent moonlighting station on the different group purchase is weakened. Although about 38 million passengers 14 million 950 thousand passengers per month to purchase group purchase passengers from the first half of the year growth for the first half of this year, but according to each group purchase and use the average value, the first half of last year the average group purchase 973 people buy, the first half of this year, only 327 passengers, quickly fell to 1/3 level.

experts pointed out that, in addition to the purchase of passengers and every single turnover on the decline, the price of group purchase consumers to quietly go up, is no longer crazy group purchase another secret behind.

report shows that in June this year, the Group buy life index was 123 points, than in May and continue to rise by 4.63%, since last year, the highest price of a month to buy. (Note: the statistics group 800 "group purchase life index, is taken to July 2011 as the base, a base 100, pick more than and 20 and life closely related to the group purchase category of continuous observation, by using the weighted average of the way that the monthly index rise, >

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