Soft or a good point

"soft" in the promotion of the site has a very important role, and it is hard to compare the ads: more close to the reader’s psychological distance, causing the viewer psychological resonance. But now look at some of the webmaster friends wrote the article, given people the feeling is too soft, an article has more than and 10 links. But the content is empty, no real feelings. Some in order to promote their own websites, all over the place a little bit of plagiarism, and some directly put the other people’s articles on their web site address published. Once read an article about Baidu included, the article mentioned every day to submit their own site to Baidu, know the point of the network or SEO know, it is easy to be K. This is a false article, we imagine, this kind of soft Wen how to attract readers to browse your website?

, I personally think that the soft or hard point, after all, we are just a grassroots webmaster, not a writer and poet, not the masters of writing, we do not have the ability to write fiction with really like, let the reader to read is true.

soft, is the true, if you do not have a Masters level, you had better write the real experience of the thing.

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